Adults set New Year’s Resolutions and goals, but what about students? When should students learn about the process of goal setting?  Crystal Clear Goal Setting is a workbook (and now a recently launched app) being used in schools in Barbados and Bahamas. (And just recently commended by the Barbados Ministry of Education!) The workbook teaches students to identify their goals by imagining they are looking in the crystal ball for what they want to achieve in one year’s time. The students work on these goals one week at a time until the end of the year.

2016 research conducted in two Barbados classrooms in order to understand its effectiveness in the public school classroom and in the private school classroom showed that students who take the time to visualise what they want to achieve and think about it each week build self-esteem and remain motivated to a goal that they have written down.  74% of students described themselves as motivated to achieve their goals by Crystal Clear Goal Setting workbook.  publicschoollovegoals

The results and feedback approved the use of Crystal Clear Goal setting and its success with the students between the ages 10 and 12 years old, with over 80% of those public school students surveyed liked writing their goals.


Teachers from both classrooms highly recommend the use of the Crystal Clear Goal Setting.

“The earlier students are exposed to goal setting the more likely they are to understand and achieve more,” said Ms. Lewis, St. Ambrose Primary School.

How can you and your child start 2017 right?

Make goal setting a family activity set them together see who can stick them longest. Crystal Clear happens to use a scoring system that helps maintain motivation. The app actually awards trophies at certain point levels check out

Imagine where you will be #December2017 if you start today! #GoalsMatter