Do you remember when you first learned about goal setting? Was it something that was formally taught or was it something that you stumbled on as a way to get better at something you enjoyed?

Many learn goal setting well into adulthood, including me. Although I have always been determined to achieve results, I never knew the value of visualizing the future and writing a plan to get there until one day I dropped into a workshop that taught it.

There is great value in learning goal setting early in life. Students are full of dreams and big plans. There is no better place for goal setting then in a school system to help students realize these hopes and dreams.

Three reasons goal setting belongs in schools:

  1. Long-term results  

Starting a goal setting program in September allows the students to visualize and accurately define where they want to be at the end of the year- June. This result is tangible.

  1. Habit forming  

Effective goal setting requires routine. Teachers in elementry and highschool are amazing at setting up positive routines.  For example, on Friday everyone in the class is asked to review that week’s successes and obstacles. Then as part two of that exercise, write down what they want to focus on next week that will help them reach their year-end goal. That’s a routine that can last a life time.

  1. Sharing is caring

In a group setting of peers, students are motivated to share their goals. This fosters classroom discussions about the really big goal and the smaller goals that are going to get you there. Peers are super helpful at providing input on how to overcome obstacles.

Does your school have a goal setting program?

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About Crystal Clear
CrystaCrystal Clear Goal Setting "Crystal Ball"l Clear is a system for creating a predictable future through goal setting in three key areas of a student’s life (grade 6-9) – School, Personal Activities, and Volunteer Activities.  We all wish we had a crystal ball to see what the future will bring. Using Crystal Clear in the classroom, students learn that it is in their power to create that future through thoughtful and deliberate goal setting.  Crystal Clear helps the students visualize their long-term goal then break it down into manageable, weekly segments. Each week’s goals are rewarded with points as each goal is achieved, with bonus points awarded when students ask for help.

The goal setting focuses on three parts of the student’s life: school, personal interests and volunteer activities, in a fun and inspiring way.