As we race to finish 2016, discussion turns to setting goals and getting ready to achieve in 2017. Even though most people believe goal setting is important, 8 out of 10 people don’t set goals.* This discussion does not begin and end with adults but includes students of all ages. Psychological research by Carol Dweck and her collaborators shows that students thrive in school when they adopt what she calls a growth mindset – a belief that they can improve in a given area one nudge at a time.** School curriculum often includes goal setting, but how does a student best implement this into his or her everyday life? Crystal Clear is a goal setting workbook based on a similar principle to that of Ms. Dweck’s growth mindset; students will achieve more if they focus on the process and not the result.

How do you make a goal a reality? Start by imagining that you are looking into a crystal ball at your future self-achieving a big goal, a goal that really matters to you. But then the question becomes – how do you get there? Whether somimg_0084eone is 14 or 44, this same question occurs: how do we visualise and plan the path to our success? 14-year-old Solina Quinton used the Crystal Clear goal setting workbook to help reach her personal goal of placing in a competitive gymnastics competition. She was already practising with the competitive team 16 hours a week and not progressing. So, following the workbook’s directions, she wrote down one small thing, one medium thing, and one big thing she could do each week in order to make progress. By carefully planning out the weekly stepping stones to her final goal, Solina was able to visualise her way forward to success.

Crystal Clear, created by entrepreneur Renae Quinton, was originally designed to help students in Barbados break down their schoolwork one week at a time, nudging them along by doing one small thing each week to lead them to their visualised year-end goal. The workbook applies to more than just academic goals. Now a handy app, Crystal Clear is broken down into three areas of a child’s life: school, personal interests, and inspired activities. For example, parents looking to teach their kids about philanthropy and helping the community [Globe and Mail link within “teach their kids…community”] can use Crystal Clear to help guide them. Crystal Clear app users are rewarded with points for each goal they achieve, and achievers have the opportunity to earn 12 trophies based on point accumulation over the year via the app.

With just over two weeks until we make our New Year’s Resolutions, adults face the same obstacles as students. They set large life-changing goals at midnight, but when morning arrives that goal seems unachievable, leading to the statistic that only 8%* of adults felt like they achieved their resolution. Why not try learning new goal setting strategies along with your child? They make a great partner and very interesting dinner discussion.

Here are three tips to help get you started:
1) Find a buddy. Set your goal with your student. Teachers believe students as young as eight years old are ready to set goals. So now you have a partner to help motivate you and keep you on track.

2) Organise a system. Pick a night to set weekly goals and stick to it. Try the Crystal Clear Goal Setting app. It is built for students reminding you every week to set small goals and rewards you for doing it.

3) Talk about it. You are teaching your student a lifetime habit, so make it fun. Talk about your goals together and plan how to overcome obstacles.

Renae Quinton is a multi‐talented entrepreneur. Since the 1998 opening of Electric Villages Inc. Toronto, Renae Quinton made her debut presenting goal setting at the Financially Free Seminar in Barbados 2012. Since then, she has been working with her children, teachers, parents and education professionals to create a goal setting program – Crystal Clear. This goal program has been tested in classroom settings, evening workshops and developed with ongoing feedback. The first edition of this book was published in 2014. Crystal Clear is designed to teach tweens how to create goals while making it fun and rewarding.
https://crystalcleargoals.com/ | GET THE APP http://bit.ly/crystalgoals


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** [Presence by Amy Cuddy ]