Survey reveals, students between the age of 10 and 12 are keen to set goals to reach new school achievement levels.

September 15, 2015 – A survey conducted by Crystal Clear goal setting finds that 68% of students are keen to set school goals.  A goal is an achievement the student identifies by writing it down as a year-end goal.  Using the Crystal Clear workbook the student creates small weekly goals in order to achieve their year-end goal, while scoring points for each successful weekly goal completed. The soon to be launched Crystal Clear goal setting APP works the same way with the addition of Achievement Trophies when the user reaches certain point levels.   The Crystal Clear goal setting system has been described by Elementary teacher, Paul Jones as “An interesting way to teach children not just to goal set but also to motivate and encourage them to achieve their goals.”

Key survey findings include:

  • 20% of students are nervous to set goals. When students are nervous to set goals it means they are setting goals outside of their comfort zone, which will force them to grow.
  • 92% of students are interested in setting goals that focus on community giveback and volunteerism.
  • 97% of students are engaged in setting goals for their unique personal interests.

We know through multiple reports and experimental studies such as  Goal Setting Theory, Latham & Locke, 2007; Locke & Latham, 1990, setting goals increases achievement and success rates when used in education. With our survey and experience through Crystal Clear we have learned that in addition to the value classroom goal setting offers the students it is also key to keep it fun.









How to get your student started setting goals

  • Goal setting requires structure and routine. If your school classroom is not using goal setting this can be done at home by simply setting a time and place to set the goals at home.  This needs the commitment of an actual meeting or class so that is welds the same importance.
  • Get a designated journal or workbook that is strictly for goal recording.  There are also other achievement books such as the Crystal Clear book that provides structure and a timely routine.  Many students prefer the convenience of technology which also uses a push with reminders such as the soon to be released Crystal Clear goal setting APP that can provide your student with a convenient structure to set goal on their android or ipod.

“While working with different students over the past two years, we have seen that students who set their own goals demonstrate greater passion and perseverance to achieving those goals,” said Renae Quinton, Founder Crystal Clear goal setting. Students are interested in their future whether that be earning the grades necessary to attend a school of choice or being the next Olympic swimmer. This observation is supported by research by Fallon 2010.

This survey was conducted by Crystal Clear in 2015, with students using the Crystal Clear workbook in a classroom environment in Barbados between the ages of 10 and 11 with an overall sample size of 42.

About Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is a system for creating a predictable future through goal setting in three key areas of a student’s life – School, Personal Activities, and Inspirational Activities.  Students learn that it is in their power to create that future through thoughtful and deliberate goal setting.  Crystal Clear helps the students visualize their long-term goal then break it down into manageable weekly segments. Each week’s goals are rewarded with points as each goal is achieved, with bonus points awarded when students ask for help. Crystal Clear is currently being used in a number of classrooms across the Caribbean, as well as a number of workshops in Canada.  Crystal Clear also has an APP scheduled to launch October 2015.

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