Crystal Clear is a 52-week program teaching students to start their long-term goal setting by visualising what their life looks like in a year’s time. For example, what school will they go to, what grades will they achieve, what level in swimming will they conquer, will they sing in the choir, will they have a role in next year’s theatre group, what should they volunteer for? how would an improved community look?

Crystal Clear goal setting focuses on three parts of the student’s life; school, personal interests and inspirational (volunteer) activities. The student sets a big goal for each of these categories. Big meaning a year away.  The student then sets smaller weekly goals at varying levels working toward achieving the big year-end goal. The student receives points for each goal achieved, the harder the goal the more points scored.  There is emphasis with bonus scoring on the importance of asking for help.

Scoring allows students to work in peer groups and share progress as well as track their own weekly progress.

Crystal Clear goal setting program with its content and graphics has been developed through much feedback, classroom testing, workshop sessions and industry feedback. ted. has been tesed in a class with content and graphics designed for youth between the ages of 10 and 13 years old, it directs and rewards children for setting long-term goals and achieving short-term goals during the 52-weeks.

We are always interested in feedback. Please drop us a line at crystalcleargoalsetting (at) if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.