March 16, 2019 –  Crystal Clear’s Student Goal Setting is challenging 10,000 students to be part of a campaign; 10,000 in 10 Days. Crystal Clear has set the goal for 10,000 students to set weekly goals in 10 days,  from April 1 – June 24, 2019, challenging them to visualize their goal, write it down, and put forward their best efforts.

Students in this challenge will set three long-term goals they want to achieve by June 30, 2019. One goal will be in academics, one will be a personal challenge such as join a school club, or learn to play an instrument.. The third challenge is about the student’s community give-back, either in volunteer hours or how they help their community be a better place.

Students have never had more choices or more access to a plethora of tools. Yet there is much talk about the achievement gap, lack of engagement and lack of focus in students.  We can compare this to the grocery store and trying to make a new cereal decision. The aisle of cereal has become so extensive with health options, vegan options, and sugar options that the decision becomes overwhelming. There is so much choice that its difficult to make a decision. Students can have this same decision fatigue ins school.

Crystal Clear aims to empower students to visualize the future they want by looking into a crystal ball and seeing themselves actively participating in the future they desire; then setting that goal. The Crystal Clear app helps the student set goals every week, focusing on what their end goal is and reminding them to set small goals each week to get there.  Asking for help is part of the journey. The idea behind the 10,000 in 10 days challenge is to get students excited about their future and setting goals for the last 12 weeks of school. With 10,000 students setting goals each week, there is great momentum and student energy.

We believe in students and giving them the opportunity to achieve more by honing in on what it is they want to achieve. Writing down their goals and working each week to achieve these goals will benefit students in many ways:

1)      Build self-confidence, and learn that they are capable of more than they think.

2)      Learn a life skill that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

3)      Be a motivator for themselves and for others!

While it might seem a little weird having someone at the end of the cereal aisle cheering for you to make the healthy oat decision, it is totally awesome to be cheering on these students.  Follow the achievement excitement on social media, with the hashtag #10000Goals.

10,000 in 10 Days Challenge Details Here

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