Crystal Clear Goal Setting set to inspire CONNECT 2018 attending education professionals.


April 12, 2018 – Crystal Clear goal setting workbook and app will be exhibiting in Start-Up Alley at Connect 2018, Canada’s largest education technology conference. This year’s conference will be held in Niagara Falls April 24 – 27th, 2018 at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Crystal Clear is a system for creating a predictable future through mindful goal setting with visualization. It starts the student’s journey by looking into the crystal ball, seeing their ideal future.  With three key areas of a student’s life: School, Personal Activities, and Volunteer Activities in mind, Crystal Clear provides the perfect goal setting framework.

Renae Quinton, founder of the Crystal Clear student goal setting product will be making presentations at Connect 2018. She will be part of ‘Accelerate at Connect’ on Tuesday, April 24th from 9:00am to 12 noon, where start-ups make 2-minute industry pitches. In addition, Renae will be delivering a 30-minute vendor presentation on April 25th, from 11:30 – 12:00 noon in the Exhibitor Hall.  This presentation will walk the audience through the product as well as share results of research done on goal setting in the Caribbean and USA.

In 2015 Ontario updated its Health and Physical Education for Grades 1-8 curriculum, identifying an increased need for goal setting skills.  Goal setting is part of the living skills expectations that relate to critical and creative thinking. Goal setting is not just about improving academically but improving a process for self-identification; a life-long skill that will cultivate increased self-esteem, perseverance and just plain grit to stick with it and push it across the line. Crystal Clear’s system provides the framework for the student to consider all aspects of their life when goal setting. Receiving Global Educators Institute (GEI) feedback from teachers using Crystal Clear workbook in the classroom has endorsed it as a tool that delivers educational impact.

“The product helped to supplement my lessons on goal setting with my students and my students liked that they earned points for accomplishing these goals.”
—Yolanda C. of Texas, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

“I would recommend this product because of the value and the use of students across all curriculums.
— Abby W. of Pennsylvania, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

The Crystal Clear classroom app, which can integrate with Google Classroom, gamifies the goal setting approach. The App sends reminders for weekly goal reviews and updates, digital scoring dashboard and the ability to win Achievement Trophies.  Crystal Clear’s weekly routine conditions the student to set goals and work to achieve them, one step at a time.

“There is nothing more rewarding then a student visualising the future they want and achieving it. It is my intention for Crystal Clear Goal Setting, to be the sought after tool for goal setting in the classroom, increasing student self-esteem and success.” says Renae Quinton. Goal setting not only provides a path for students to follow for achievement but also a path to improve self-confidence. Every student is a unique individual with their own vision of achievement.


Crystal Clear’s mission is to be THE goal setting tool for students all over the world empowering them to experience the pure joy of achievement and believing in themselves. Crystal Clear Goal Setting enables students to learn the patterns and the persistence necessary to overcome life’s obstacles.  

About Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear is a system for creating a predictable future through goal setting in three key areas of a student’s life – School, Personal Activities, and Inspirational Activities.  Students learn that it is within their power to create that sought after future through mindful and deliberate goal setting.  Crystal Clear helps students visualize their long-term goals; then breaks those personal goals down into manageable weekly segments. Each week’s goals are rewarded with points as they are achieved, with bonus points awarded when students ask for help. Crystal Clear is currently working with the Educational Research & Innovation Hub towards becoming an ihub Portfolio Company.


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