Crystal Clear Goal Setting workbook enhances the learning environment, according to Global Educator Institute.

Getting kids active and engaged in goal setting can be a challenge, especially for teachers trying to work this life skill into their curriculum. Luckily, the Crystal Clear Goal Setting workbook has just achieved the endorsement of the Global Educator Institute (GEI), an independent evaluator that reviews educational products based on their performance in real-life classrooms. Crystal Clear was used in five classrooms in the United States, including Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio. After the evaluation period ended, teachers and students rated the product. Based on real-world classroom usage, the Crystal Clear workbook received endorsement based on: Educational Impact, Design Functionality and Value. Some of the teacher recommendations included:

“The product helped to supplement my lessons on goal setting with my students and my students liked that they earned points for accomplishing these goals.” Yolanda C. of Texas, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

“Crystal Clear is beneficial for all students at the upper elementary school level and above. Helping students to plan for life outside of school and successfully make/meet goals is an important skill that this product assists.”
— Abby W. of Pennsylvania, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

Crystal Clear has been growing its classroom user base each year with new classrooms starting the Crystal Clear workbook and original classrooms renewing each year. Goal setting has taken a priority place in school curriculum, and although the graphics and gamification elements in the Crystal Clear Goal Setting App have been targeted to 10-13 year-olds, the actual skills learned are applicable to all students who are looking to achieve more. Author Renae Quinton stated, “I am so thrilled to receive the Global Educator Institute endorsement as it places us as a product of distinction among best-designed, most effective products for learning and in the learning environment, and it exposes our Crystal Clear Workbook and now App to an even greater audience.”

Crystal Clear’s mission is to be THE goal setting tools for students all over the world to use so they can experience the pure joy of achievement and believing in themselves. Crystal Clear Goal Setting enables students to learn the patterns and the persistence necessary to overcome life’s obstacles. This endorsement from GEI for Educational Impact brings us one step closer.

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