In Ontario, Canada, high school students are required to complete 40 hours of volunteering before graduating, which encourages them to interact with their communities and provides a chance for businesses to help inspire the community’s youth and teach them new skills.  Volunteering promotes life lessons for both students and businesses, helping each other understand the importance of giving back to their community.

Crystal Clear Goal Setting, the student workbook and now App, can help provide guidance to students in their volunteering goals.

Crystal Clear has three categories in which students set goals:

1.) School,
2.) Personal Activities,
3.) Inspired, which is what we call community outreach and volunteerism.

The step-by-step approach helps students realistically break down the process of achieving a big goal, which is exactly what my daughter did for her latest Inspired Goal.

This week at my daughter’s school they had a fundraiser called the INSIDE RIDE. The Inside Ride is Canada’s first indoor cycling challenge and fundraising event dedicated to raising money in support of children with cancer and their families. My daughter’s team, Laura’s Dancing Queens, set a $1,000 fundraising Inspired Goal, $167.00 per team member.  This was a good goal as it was beyond what they might collect from direct family and friends and challenged them.

Working together, the girls brainstormed different ideas to raise funds for this cause. Some of the ideas were: going door-to-door asking neighbours, creating a guessing game for how many Easter Eggs were in a jar, and connecting with local businesses to help with fundraising.

While asking a few businesses to implement their idea of displaying the Easter Egg guessing jars, some declined as they were franchises and this was not an approved practice, and some Easter Egg guessing jars had dismal results. But the girls had their goal and used these non-successes to inspire new ideas. As Brian Biro would say in his newest book, There Are No OverAchievers, WOO (Windows of Opportunity) moments took place. The girls changed how they promoted donations for the Easter Egg jar and another fantastic opportunity presented itself. The clothing store Ivivva in Oakville embraced the chance to help the students with their fundraising and invited Laura’s Dancing Queens to set up a lemonade stand at the front of their store during a grand opening of Lululemon next door.

Cosolina_ivivvampanies spend much time talking about their commitment to the communities they are part of. It is super amazing when you see them more than deliver on that promise. Ivivva helped the girls set up their stand, helped them with branding, and with the materials! Ivivva truly walks the talk and embraces the youth that wear their clothes and give back to the community we are all part of.

Yesterday was the big INSIDE RIDE and the Laura’s Dancing Queens rode their stationary cycles for one hour and won the TOP FUND RAISER award, raising just over $3,200.00 in honour of Laura. They not only achieved their Inspired Goal, they surpassed it by 300%.

Way to go girls, and special thanks to Ivivva who truly is part of a giving community.