The calendar year begins in January and for many of us we give great thought to our annual goals. For students, they aren’t quite half way through their year and have a unique opportunity to reignite.

In September, students walked into the classroom bursting with energy, ready to conquer the world. Teachers targeted this energy by having students use Crystal Clear to visualize what they wanted to accomplish by the end of the year in SCHOOL, PERSONAL and INSPIRATIONAL (Volunteer) goals. Students set one big goal for each part of their life. They wrote these big goals down as their Annual Goal. ( or typed if they used the app)

Good news for students! They are merely half way through their school year and have the opportunity to do some checks for even better year-end achievement.

3 Teacher Tips to help students maintain that same momentum and finish the school year strong .

  1. Review successes. This gives a renewed sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. By re-visiting success students can build on them going forward.
  2. Prioritize.Students wrote their goals down, now review them. Are these still the same priorities? Do they need to be adjusted?
  3. Progress Check.  Are your students happy with their progress so far? What can be done for a better next half of the year.

Goal setting is a critical part to success. Crystal Clear is a clear solution for building students’ understanding and abilities when it comes to setting and achieving goals. By focusing on this lifelong skill in the early years, and the structured routine of a classroom students are able to build a strong foundation for finding success as they work toward their aspirations at any age.


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