I say this as we take a moment to reflect on 2017. Many will be rushing to make their resolutions to be a better person, a slimmer person, a fitter person or a richer person. Resolutions are often made because of peer pressure or things you thought you fell short of. These superficial reasons are the prime ingredient why New Years’ Resolutions end in failure.

Goals are dreams you have penned down in a mindful manner with a path of process to achieve. Setting goals can take place at any time not just at the stroke of midnight, December 31. Goals deliver impact and meaning and are the reason for you to get up and make progress each day.

Visualization is Important

Whether you are reading this January 1, or April 14, take a moment and visualize yourself in December of 2018. What changes do you see? What are you doing that is different? Now write down the goal that will result in what you see. Then break that goal down into many mini goals. What do you need to achieve each month in order to have the best chance possible to live the same visualization in December 2018 as you see now.

Goals are for the BraveGoals For Brave

Those that are willing commit their goals every day not just because it’s January. Want some help…


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