It was an inspired evening of learning and visualization on July 7th at the Comox Recreation Centre.  Students between the ages of 8 and 13 were captivated as Fortune Teller Frannie told her story and unveiled the secret of how students can gaze into their own crystal ball and predict the future of achievement through goal setting.

The presentation started with the students visualizing what they want to achieve by the end of the year, what activities they want to be part of and what associations and opportunities they felt would inspire them.  Citing real-life examples such as how J.K. Rowling set her goal to get her book published, Fortune Teller Frannie engaged students as she walked them through how to use the Crystal Clear Goal Setting workbook, ensuring they too can reach their own goals week by week.  After 12 publishers refusing to take on Harry Potter, Rowling finally received a yes and Harry Potter was published!

“The structure of the Crystal Clear program helps create a predictable future by rewarding students with its weekly point system and inspirational quotes.  Each week students reflect on their successes no matter how small they may be. This helps them stay focused and make it to the end, because there will be difficult weeks.” said Fortune Teller Frannie.

Adelaide of, École Puntledge Park Elementary, enjoyed attending the workshop and learning about the Crystal Clear Goal Setting workbook stating, “I really like the points. It makes me want to keep going and I like how the book asks questions to help me figure out what to put.”

Fortune Teller Frannie watches as a student completes her goals

Fortune Teller Frannie watches as a student completes her goals

Crystal Clear goal setting is a school workbook that has been implemented in a number of grade six classrooms internationally, helping students visualize and achieve their goals. Crystal Clear focuses on three areas of a student’s life: school, personal activities and inspirational activities. Crystal Clear goal setting workbook is available at the Laughing Oyster in downtown Courtenay.  Keep in touch with upcoming events and the new mobile app soon to be launched at www.crystalcleargoals.com  or Facebook.com/CrystalClearFuture




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