June is a crazy month for teachers, students and parents. School is wrapping up, personal activities are presenting their year-end showcase and summer plans are being put into action.

On a personal level, I have been attending student functions from school graduations to qualifying golf tournaments to my daughter’s gymnastics gala. The gymnastics club had over 100 children athletes. These children are spanning in age from 7 – 17 years. They attend school full-time and train upwards of 12 hours per week, some train as many as 27 hours per week.

Listening as the coach calls out the athlete, announcing her achievement as she performs the routine, I admire each and every one of these children athletes.  It’s not just the athletes who were the national champions but all of them. These students show up each and every day ready to learn, ready to grow and ready to give their best… and they do!

Be your best you!


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