September is an amazing month. So many new opportunities happen in September like workshops, events and a new school year begins. It can provide just the right amount of fresh energy and momentum to spur you to reach the year-end on a positive note.  BeSmart_ClassroomPosterDesign

For me, September is more powerful than January in setting goals. September signifies the last push of 2017; a chance to regroup, review successes, think about the goals that have become stuck and prioritize what’s really important to achieve by the end of the year.

This is a chance to put the pedal to the medal and make it happen. There is enough time to take the half started and stuck goals and reach great success by planning a process to achieve those goals. It’s not the motivation to get the goal started but rather the harder part, the commitment to perseverance, to get the goal finished that is going to make 2017 a success.

Need to get unstuck?

Three ways to make the last months of the year really count.

1) What’s the most important thing you want to toast to on New Year’s Eve? Write it down and put it on a sticky note on your computer or fridge somewhere you will see it every day.

2) Write a plan, You know what you want, now break it down. What needs to be done each day for the next 100 or so days to get that goal across the finish line by December 31?

3) Hold yourself accountable. Ask a friend to push you. Have them check your progress every week.

Go ahead put the champagne on ice, and go get your goal at the end of the rainbow. That champagne is gonna have the sweet taste of success.


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